About us

Building a better work-life and pushing the boundaries of strategy execution, one organisation at a time!

Who we are

Bantero is an OKRs consultancy agency started by Niklas Olsson in 2013 and in its current form since 2020. We work as a network organisation, putting together teams of independent specialists based on the requirements of each assignment.

Målstyrning med OKR - från teori till resultat

Niklas is the author of Målstyrning med OKR – the first (and only) book in Swedish about crafting and implementing OKRs in an organisation. The book was written from extensive experience of both implementing OKRs hands-on, experience from helping other organisations adapt OKRs as well as interviews with other managers that shared their OKR journeys.

Why we do this

We truly believe in the power of OKRs. The power to create engagement in large teams, the power to get from strategy to execution and the power of supporting managers in becoming leaders.

All of this is core components of what the OKR framework can offer when executed well. We believe in getting more teams and organisations to implement OKRs and to support them in getting it right for maximum impact.

As individuals, clear goals and expectations together with empowerment facilitate a healthy relationship between manager and employee. As organisations, clear goals help us achieve more, give work meaning and drive us forward.

How could we not do this?

What’s in a name?

We’ve used Bantero as a name for a long time now. According to the dictionary, it means nothing in particular. But to us, it is loaded with a drive to always excel in our deliveries, to work with passion and to have fun along the way.

How we work


Free initial consultation

We discuss how OKRs could benefit your organisation and present Bantero's way of working. Together we draft a potential timeline and budget.


Draft plan

We present you with a draft plan for implementation with choosen modules, pricing and and timeline together with a first draft of plan for implementation and training program.


Offer presentation

Based on your feedback from the draft plan we present you with an offering with details on activities, material and a timeline.


Project start

Together we establish the internal OKRs stakeholder team, how OKR roles will be distributed in the organisation and other details.


Niklas Olsson

We are happy to offer 30 minutes of free OKR coaching to set you on track for your implementation!

Långholmsgatan 16, 117 33 Stockholm, Sweden

Org. no: 556943-5273