We can support your team or organisation in all steps of your OKR journey.

Our offering

Our modules to get started with OKRs in a department, division or the entire organisation.

Get started

  • Management OKR intro
  • Crafting organisation OKRs
  • Implementation plan
  • Inspiration workshop
  • Inspiration lecture
  • OKR ambassadeur traning


  • Workshop - crafting team OKRs
  • Workshop - creating a team mission
  • Check-in coaching
  • Ongoing feedback and support

Lift off

  • Workshop to revitalise implementation
  • OKR Connect
  • Tailored solutions

Our modules for teams that want to implement OKRs in their way of working.


  • Inspiration lecture
  • Inspiration workshop
  • Workshop - crafting team OKRs
  • Workshop - creating team misison
  • Plan for team implementation

We always start with a free consultation to discuss how your organisation could benefit from OKRs. Based on this discussion we put together a subset of modules suitable to your timeline, budget and needs.

Many OKR journeys start with a workshop where we combine theory and an exercise in creating your own OKRs. A great start to build engagement and demystify OKRs for the organisation.

How we work


Free initial consultation

We discuss how OKRs could benefit your organisation and present Bantero's way of working. Together we draft a potential timeline and budget.


Draft plan

We present you with a draft plan for implementation with choosen modules, pricing and and timeline together with a first draft of plan for implementation and training program.


Offer presentation

Based on your feedback from the draft plan we present you with an offering with details on activities, material and a timeline.


Project start

Together we establish the internal OKRs stakeholder team, how OKR roles will be distributed in the organisation and other details.


Niklas Olsson

We are happy to offer 30 minutes of free OKR coaching to set you on track for your implementation!

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